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Piano is a level course similar to school, it has preparatory levels up to level 10, thus ending in the worldwide recognized exam called the ARCT (equivalent to a Bachelors in Music).
The course taken with piano teacher Melissa Garcia will be based off the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM)’s theory and repertoire books. The NWAA students will be required to take their elementary exams with me (Prep A/B to Level 4) along with another professional piano teacher that will serve as judge. After the student passes these levels with NWAA’s examinations, they can decide what path to steer their piano journey- as a hobby (continuing to take exams in NWAA format with me) or as a career (we will proceed to take exams in the RCM’s locations*) Students that decide to remain as hobby, will still have a resume built as they progress in each level. Let’s not underestimate the “hobby” choice, they will still harness their abilities and reach a professional level for which they can later build a career if they want to. They will be able to take the ARCT in the future no matter what their choice is, career or hobby.
*The RCM’s and NWAA’s examinations are similar, but RCM has more requirements, and is more expensive. Reason: it’s a recognized North American Music institution. The NWAA is a private academy that will provide equivalent examinations as the RCM’s and can prepare the student for the ARCT. Still, the student and parents have the option of choosing where to take their Intermediate and Advanced level exams as soon as they finish their elementary years.

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