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The Best Pianos for Beginners

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Thinking about buying a piano but don't know where to start? Let me tell you, we've all been there. It's very tempting to buy your son/daughter a basic and cheap keyboard you can find at Costco or BJs for less than $300-$500. Besides,you may think, they are beginners. What if they don't like piano anyways? I just want to test the water and see what happens. I will invest on a better keyboard or piano in the future, if I see true interest in piano. While, it is true- EVALUATING their INTERESTS first before making the "leap" in purchasing a piano/keyboard IS IMPORTANT, you can't under estimate the power of starting a "race" on the right foot.

Let me explain....

As a piano teacher for over 6 years, I have noticed the difference of students that commence their piano lessons with an unweighted keyboard vs. an actual, upright piano. What is an unweighted keyboard? Basically a keyboard for which its keys are weightless and physically look flat. You can't compare the benefits of an upright piano- it's the REAL PIANO experience. The feel and touch of each individual key is different and not to mention the sound. However, it does bring its set backs: tuning maintenence, and the price! Average wall pianos vary in price from $2,500 and up. Some parents look for them on online thrift stores such as Offer Up and Mercari, and their search has not been in vain- they purchase wooden upright pianos for $200-$300 (but in serious need of tuning!)

Anywho, I will always recommend a wall piano to be the beginner's piano. Whether you buy it on Offer Up, or Steinway's store, it's an investment you'll never regret. Brands I will always recommend: Bergmann (my piano), Yamaha, Steinway and Kawai. An important thing to have in mind: make sure it has all 88 keys! No matter the brand- yes, there's wall pianos that don't have all keys.

What if you still want a keyboard? Is there a keyboard that assimilates itself very much to a REAL PIANO experience? Yes! There are keyboards that can give that "real" piano experience if we look for these important keywords as mentioned before : "weighted keys" and "88 keys". The following keyboards provide the elite experience according to some of my students and my own experience playing with these keyboards:

YAMAHA P115/ P125

I fell in love with this keyboard as soon as I played it. The sounds are very similar to an actual piano. This is my "go to" recital keyboard- as it serves as a great performance instrument. Usually, when you buy the P115 set, the bench, headphones and pedal is included.


This family of Yamaha Keyboards gives the ultimate piano experience. Not only does it look like a wooden piano, but it sounds like one too. It has all three pedals and includes the bench when bought. One of my student describes this keyboard as her favorite.

Where to buy? I recommend Sam Ash stores! I have bought all my keyboards there and they have great customer service. You can also purchase it online and have the keyboard delivered and installed at home.



Do's and Dont's-

DON'T settle for a small, unweighted keyboard.

DO compare prices in OfferUp and other second hand stores for upright pianos vs. a full quality keyboard. You may find better buying an upright piano than a keyboard.

DO make sure it has all 88 keys, and a pedal! (If it has all three pedals, even better)

DO make sure it's a weighted keyboard if you decide to buy a keyboard.

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